Ferreck Dawn & Guz - Knock Me Out 12" Vinyl


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Ferreck Dawn and Guz. Peanut Butter and Chocolate. Dukes Of and his best friend Hazard.
We love a great duo here at Club Sweat and they don't get much greater than two of our favourite Dutchmen, collaborating on what could be the best disco house crossover tune we've ever heard? We'll let you be the judge. It's got grit and groove and it's got shine and sparkle. Throw in a vocal delivered in that classic diva style and you've got yourself one tidy little package. Knock Me Out, again and again. 


A1) Knock Me Out

A2) Knock Me Out (Flashmob Remix)

B1) Knock Me Out (Redondo & Malarkey Remix) 

B2) Knock Me Out (Kyle Walker remix)

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