Motez - Praise EP


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There are many awesome things about being a kid.

I'm thinking Xmas Eve and HOW exciting it was to think that at some time in the night Santa would sneak in through the chimney and deliver you presents.

Or how pumped you would get for the first day of school and seeing all your friends.

But on the downside, you were a long way form the legal age and going to clubs and curfews were before sunset not sunrise.

So, I'm guessing if you are getting this promo, you are no longer a kid and whether you ever believed in Santa or not, the things you did get excited about as a kid aren't what you get excited about now.

BUT - i'm also guessing that if you are (still) reading this - you probably saw the heading and got that feeling of excitement you used to get as a kid.....


And while this time may be more frequent than Xmas, it really is worth the wait and damn exciting.

PRAISE is everything we love about Adelaide's finest, showcasing his knowledge of the club and always, his way around a keyboard.

This is TEZ HOUSE and when your fans range from JUSTIN MARTIN to EATS EVERYTHING to RÜFÜS to ANNIE MAC, you know it's going to be good.

Much love

Team Sweat

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