Ninajirachi x Yates - Same World


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If you haven't heard of Yates and or Ninajirachi - well - don't worry - they once thought the world was flat.

SAME WORLD is the combining of 2 superpowers to be - on vocals we have Sweat's answer to Jamie Woon - the soulful yearnings of Berlin based Aussie YATES.

On production - we have what has to be the best 17 year old producer in the game - NINAJIRACHI - but don't let this Central Coast local's age fool you - her skills are ridiculous for anyone of any age.

To say SAME WORLD is a great piece of music - would be like saying it was surprising for the crew of Columbus when remarkably - they didn't fall of the face of the earth when they kept sailing off into the horizon.

We are very very proud to be putting out this little gem on SWEAT. It's been on repeat in the office forever. And there has been nothin but love flowing since.

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