Viceroy - Marinate EP


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There are many things I like about summer.

Pool parties. Margaritas. Bikinis. Cold beers. Mangoes. Night swims. Sunsets. Pina coladas. Shorts days. Cow bells.

And of course Viceroy. Him and his music exude summer like the sun exudes heat, ice the cold and snow - also the cold.

We've been fans of San Fran's VICEROY for a while now (it's hard not to notice the guy that's consistently at the top of dem hype m charts) so we are very stoked to be putting out his first EP on Sweat.

It's everything we like about summer in a song (well two actually). And his motto of "It's summertime all the time," - well - we pretty down with that too.

Much love

Team Sweat

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